Pinerise Peonies are grown on a secluded farm established in 1888 by the Hansen family. A host of microclimates, rich soil, bountiful rains, and invigorating winds help nurture a superb, cut flower over an extended season — a long-stemmed, strongly coloured peony …

By Marg Hansen

Tasmanian flowers have a reputation for a wonderful depth of colour and excellent keeping qualities. This is because we have an unusual combination of cool growing conditions and unique light intensity.

Our peonies are grown in the field and in this temperate climate, the flowers mature slowly. This naturally enhances the length of their vase life, an important quality for a cut flower. We pick early in the Spring mornings before the sun comes over the hill and the buds go straight into the coolroom. In the late afternoon, the chilled boxes are taken to the airport, flying overnight to all capital cities in Australia.

Early in May, we supply wholesale peony plants.


The Internet offers a unique opportunity for us to communicate directly with our customers 24 hours a day. We have been growing cut flowers commercially for 27 years and in that time have sold flowers in Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

At Pinerise the ‘cool chain’ from grower to consumer is recognised as a very important quality control measure. Harvesting is finished early in the day before any heat from the sun enters the flower buds. The buds are quickly put in the cool-room and only removed briefly for grading and packing. The pre-chilled boxes are then flown overnight to capital city airports.

The Perishable Rate which the airlines offer is unfortunately only airport to airport — our clients (or their couriers) collect the boxes early in the morning and because of the ‘cool chain’ the freshly picked flowers arrive in excellent condition.


Peonies have the ability to travel extremely well. In the USA before refrigeration they were a popular cut flower because they could be picked, packed and shipped by rail all over the country and arrive at their destination in good condition. The journey could sometimes take three days. Nowadays many peonies are exported each year from Australia to the west coast of America.

Peonies ready for harvest

Our picking season is short, starting mid-November and finishing mid-December. It is only a small window of opportunity so please mark your calendar. We use large boxes which hold between 80-90 bunches and small boxes which hold 30-40 bunches.


To ensure safe arrival of the flowers we will send a copy of the Con note to your mobile phone. Please remember that your wholesale flowers will have to be collected from the airport.


Pinerise Peonies at
Highcroft, Tasmania 7183, Australia

Tel: (03) 6250 2270

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